Our goal is to bring quality healthcare awareness in people and for that we organize health camps like Blood Donation, Dental Check – up, Body Check Up, etc. Training is provided to children for handling first-aid kits in case of emergencies. We organize health related camps in rural areas to spread awareness about the various illnesses in the society. Children who are underweight are advised by health experts have healthy and nutritious food.

The importance of family planning and the expenses after having a child is explained to them. They are also been given knowledge to protect themselves from infectious diseases such as HIV and how to take preventive measures for the same. Poverty is a vicous circle due to which the poor are unable to look after their health. Therefore, we provide them complete knowledge about various diseases and guidance for preventing the same. People suffer more due to unavailability of potable water, water borne diseases occur and this leads to illness. We put in our best efforts to fight against all these problems to prevent them from illness and make them healthy.

Health always seems much valuable after we lose it. It is one of man’s greatest blessings and therefore we strive hard by providing these children medical support.

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